How To

Hey, man 👊

I’ve been asked how I make my torsos and other custom LEGO parts on Instantgram and Twidder a few times, so I thought I’d make this guide on how I do it.

Step 1

Wake up and drink luke warm Banquet that’s been sitting out all night.

Step 2

Go to Miguel’s apartment and knock on the door loudly till he answers, then make him do it.

Easy, huh?

Oh, you want to know for real how it’s done? OK, so you can download the designs for various characters off the character pages.

When you have them saved you need to insert them into a text document. I use Open Office because it is free and Miguel installed it on my Dell Lemon for me

I always print lots of them at once because cutting them out is difficult when you’ve had a six pack of Banquet and I always end up ruining a few of them.

To make the decals fit the torsos they must be printed at 1.5cm wide

Miguel tells me that decal paper can be purchased at many online craft stores, and you will need one sheet each of white paper and clear paper.

There is an awesome YouTub video here that shows all the steps to make your own figures: